At RENEW we understand the embarrassment and anxiety caused by an unwanted tattoo. What was once a prized and valued tattoo may now have lost its meaning or remind you of a​n unfortunate​ chapter in your past. You may rest assured that realistic results may now be achieved safely and effectively with our Medlite Laser Tattoo Removal.


You may ​desire​ to have your tattoo removed ​completely ​or​ choose to have it faded to make way for a new, exciting, fresh and meaningful tattoo. We are also able to remove just a section of your tattoo with precision and accuracy, allowing a skilled tattoo artist to give your old tattoo new life and meaning.




RENEW uses the MedLite C6 Q-Switched nd YAG laser for tattoo and pigment removal. The Q-Switched YAG laser creates an invisible beam of light that is pulsed at a billionth of a second. The tattoo ink is fragmented and subsequently reabsorbed over a 4 to 6 week period. The MedLite C6 multi-dye hand pieces allow us to treat a number of different tattoo colors from black, red, orange, purple, ​pink, aqua,​ blue, green, and yellow.



  • Have your tattoo removed completely.

  • Have your tattoo faded to make way for a new piece in the same position.

  • Have only a section of your tattoo removed with precision and accuracy.

  • Have your tattoo faded/removed in different areas so that a skilled artist can give your old​ tattoo new life and meaning.



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How does RENEW remove my tattoo?

The MedLite laser removes tattoo ink with the energy of light. The rapid absorption of light energy causes the tattoo ink to fragment into tiny particles which are then removed by the body’s natural filtering system during the weeks that follow your procedure. The surrounding skin is left completely unharmed, treating only the ink within the tattoo itself.


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What type of tattoos can be removed?


MedLite laser therapy can remove both professional and amateur tattoos. Dark (blue, black) and red inks resolve easily, oranges and purples also resolve well. Green, aqua and yellow inks are slightly more difficult to remove and additional treatments may be required to remove any remaining ink from residual areas.

How many treatments are required to remove my tattoo?

This will depend on the amount and type of ink used and the depth of ink within the skin. On average, professional tattoos require 6-​9​ treatments, while amateur tattoos require 3-5 treatments. In some cases, clients may only require partial removal with the intention of ‘touching up or changing’ their design with a tattoo artist.


We expect to see a significant fade with 4 laser treatments.  However, you may require less if you intend on getting a cover-up tattoo or more if you would like to have it completely removed.